Product Features

  • Loan repayment period is 12 months or less
  • Interest will be 13% p.a.
  • Processing within one week of receipt
  • Payment will be made if members qualifies for the whole amount.

How the product works

  • The product will be available at the back office where members have ability to pay.
  • Members will then apply for a water tank loan to the society. The price list will be available in all branches
  • When the loan forms are approved, the stamped and signed schedules will be sent to Kentainers tank supplier with the cheque for all the members who qualified.
  • The loan approval will follow the same approval procedure loans in the back office.
  • Members should apply for amounts higher than the quotation since there are charges applicable e.g. loan processing fee and FOSA payment charges.
  • The tank will be delivered after 2 weeks upon receipt of the cheque and list of members.
  • Kentainers will also contact members upon receipt of payment
    KENTAINERS LIMITED will brand tanks designated to ELIMU SACCO clients with a clearly visible ELIMU SACCO Logo.